Choose to say in a trendy neighbourhoods : Bastille

This district is one of the most connected of the city. With its numerous bars, nightclubs, concerts the district of Bastille is unquestionably one of the key places of the student night. From rue de la Lappe, the student life extends beyond rue de Charonne and rue de la Roquette. In the 1980s, it is the hatching of a certain Parisian movida, the opera Bastille goes appears, these classical streets with artisans, carpenters and cabinetmakers stay in the landscape of the district today. The place of the Bastille, is a symbolic place of the history of France.

Within Bastille district, you will find many famous brand outlet like Starbucks Coffee, Mc Donalds, Jeff de Bruges, Sushi Shop, Subway, NafNaf, Cahartt, kookaï, Lacoste, Séphora; Kickers…
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Our secret spot in Bastille :